Monitoring Diabetes from Your Wrist

Viewing blood sugars with just a quick glance at your wrist is no longer a futuristic dream for people with diabetes. In fact, wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor that can now beam near-real-time data to a smartwatch is becoming a cornerstone of daily care for many people with diabetes. However, it’s still a bit haphazard as to which CGM is compatible with which version of iPhone or Android phones, as market leader Dexcom and others scramble to keep up with evolving consumer technology. And those who rely on do-it-yourself (DIY) diabetes tools are always finding new ways to tap into existing technology for personalized data-viewing. Word is the Apple 7 as well as the Samsung 4 smartwatches could both include glucose sensors, but those are just reports that aren’t substantiated; similar claims have made in years’ past but never materialized.

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